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"Bringing it together" – EJOT song for the anniversary now also as music video

It is still dark. EJOT is slowly waking up. The first lights go on in the production halls. The machines are started. The guitar sound begins quietly. The camera reaches the band, which starts with the throbbing "Heartbeat pounds since 1922". This is how the music video for the EJOT song "Bringing it togehter", produced by Spiegellicht-Productions (Siegen), starts. The music video can also be seen on the anniversary platform www.ejot100.com. The audio version is available on the well-known streaming services.

Since the beginning of January, the EJOT song "Bringing it together", composed and produced by the band Billenial Collective for the 100th anniversary of the EJOT Group, has been running up and down. The sound loop is part of the videos of the EJOT locations and departments, as well as in the telephone waiting loop of the holding company. The song has arrived at EJOT.

The music video for the song should have been finished long ago, but the Corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works in March. At the end of May, the team of Spiegellicht Productions with Sarah Fischer, Lukas Golenia, Laura Nette and Daniel Wied as well as the band members Paul Linke, Max Geng, Gerrit Schwan and Bastian Völkel "locked themselves in" at the EJOT location Herrenwiese in Bad Berleburg and had a lot of fun.

The four professional musicians, who live and work in different German cities, had not seen each other for a while. Even when the song was recorded in a recording studio in Düsseldorf December 2021, they were not together - at least not in presence. So, it was a creative reunion for the video shoot in Bad Berleburg. The name of the song and EJOT slogan "Bringing it together" is also to be taken literally here: EJOT brings people together.

The music video was shot in front of the backdrop of modern industrial architecture, the Hall 4.0. completed in 2017 at the Herrenwiese location in Bad Berleburg. "A perfect environment for this video project," says producer Daniel Wied. Daniel Wied and his colleague Sarah Fischer already had finished the recordings of the running production. For one day in April, they filmed in different production areas. Sequences from this were recorded in the music video.

It was a great experience for the musicians and the production team. Especially because with Gerrit Schwan, Paul Linke and Bastian Völkel, three band members come from Bad Berleburg and had already made music together at the Johannes-Althusius-Gymnasium. Bastian Völkel had a "home game" as a keyboard player in pop star Alice Merton's band at the KulturPur music festival on the Whitsun weekend. The circle of Berleburgers in this project closes with Daniel Wied from Spielgellicht-Productions, who went to school together with the three musician colleagues.  

Now the anniversary project EJOT Song is almost finished. The show goes on. In summer, the EJOT Song will also be performed live and open air.

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