Fast. No swarf. Reliable.

The innovative point geometry without cutting edge for a wide range of applications

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws
Unique screw point geometry without classic cutting edge

Due to the unique screw point geometry and the special thread form, the EJOFAST® screw not only fastens without any swarf and at high speed, it also features excellent clamping properties.

Thanks to the extremely thin point, the EJOFAST® screw can be precisely positioned on the surface. Displacement or slipping is almost impossible. The risk of scratching the surface coating is significantly reduced.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fastening without swarf*
    no manual removal of metal chips necessary
  • High installation security
    Thanks to proven free spin zone (for side lap screws)
  • High installation speed
    Thanks to special thread form
  • High load-carrying capacity
    For more safety
  • Skid-free application
    Thanks to unique screw point geometry, thus no damage to the surface

*Without swarf means that, compared to conventional self-drilling screws with classic cutting edges, sharp-edged chips are prevented.

​​​​​​​The products from the EJOFAST® family are used in four different fields of application

Features EJOFAST

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Selection of the right self-drilling screw

In order to select the right screw for the desired application, both the drilling capacity and the clamp thickness must be known. Find out more about drilling capacity and clamp thickness in the construction blog.

On the roof


EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application on the roof.

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For solar applications


EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for solar applications.

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At the facade


EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application on the facade

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For air conditioning/ventilation technology


EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application in the field of air conditioning and ventilation technology.

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Product overview EJOFAST® self-drilling screws